1st – 30th November 2018

The Circle is proud to host David Turnbull’s exhibition “Watershed” which will include models, prototypes, drawings, diagrams, photographs and videos drawn from a decade of work by PITCH Africa, designing and building high-yield rainwater harvesting structures in East and West Africa.

PITCHAfrica, founded by David Turnbull and Jane Harrisson, started as a response to the critical water problems in the region. Across Africa 340 million people do not have access to safe drinking water, but the rain falling on the continent is 13 times as much as the water needed by the entire population. Based on this fact, PITCHAfrica aims to raise consciousness about water sources by building self-sufficient rainwater harvesting systems that provide their efficient management.

Through a system called “WATER-BANKS” PITCHAfrica has built watersheds in many regions in which water crisis is experienced. Based on the premise that architectural buildings (schools, stadia etc.) in every region, not only in Africa, can be transformed into a WATERBANK, this project aims to be a problem-solving construction and design movement that is not limited to certain geographical areas.

This exhibition shows that ever space can be transformed into a “watershed” through sustainable solutions and aims to bring together architects, designers and academicians concerned with water sources and water rights and also attempts to provide an example for similar water-source solutions in Turkey.

Exhibition also includes Sinem Dişli’s video called “The Manufacturing of the Familiar.” Shot from above, the Euphrates, in this video that does not use any effects, reveals the surreal extent to which water lacks connection with the lands, soils and creatures it suddenly comes into contact with as a result of being rerouted by the hands of the humans. This work questions how and against what stimuli our consciousness and perception are transformed into meanings, and invites us to an experience we can have on our own. In the case of the Euphrates, the limiting of water and the breaking of cyclic water flow leads to a rapid evaporation of water and causes a drastic draught condition around the river.

As part of the exhibition, a symposium which aims to raise consciousness about water issues and provide ecological solutions will be organized on 2nd of October at 16:30 in İTÜ Taşkışla campus.