Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu – Ilgıt Uçum

The Circle is pleased to host Turkland.

Adapted from Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu’s autobiographical novel, Turkland tells the story of a Turkish girl struggling to balance her life as second-generation immigrant in Germany. Her story also touches upon the collective and political stories in Turkey. Told in an ironic way and supported with documentary materials from recent Turkey, Turkland invites the audience to ponder upon untold migration and exile stories.

Author: Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu

Adaptation: İrem Aydın, Ilgıt Uçum, Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu

Translation: Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu,

Lighting Design: Mehmet Tekatlı

Video: Metehan Akbaş-Onur, Işık Cantürk

Project Design: İrem Aydın, Proje Danışmanı: Ferdi Çetin

Asistants: Mahmut Eker, Yiğiter Bür

Poster Design: Sabrina Raap

Photography and Teaser: Navid Linnemann

Surtitles: Devran Budak

Performance: Ilgıt Uçum, Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu