Instructor: Ayça Ceylan

In this workshop, the participants will explore the physical memory based on how body and space interpret and structure eachother.

Participants will also acquire a basic knowledge performance in everyday life, of the history of performance art, of the genres of performance art and of the details to pay attention while constructing a performance.

The workshop ends with a performance created by the participants.

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1st Day:

The effects of the paganism and the ritual concepts on performing

The effects of the Christianity and the Islam on the body perception

The notion of carnivalesque

The body-mind dilemma

The reflections of the social movements in 1960s-1970s on the performance art

The effects of post-structure on the body-space perception

The interaction between the video art and the performance art

The effects of social structure in Balkans since the 1980s on the performance art and the examples of performance art in Balkans

The notion of android body

The observer-observed relationship

Performance art in Turkey

2nd Day: 

The description with the examples of pagan rituals (month anniversary, mid season, sacrifice types), carnivals, ballet, opera, cabaret, concert, puppet, the classical theatre, the contemporary theatre, the dance theatre, the modern dance, Butoh and happening…

The difference between performance art and theatre

The archive in performance art

Performance art and collections