Sanja Jurca Avcı

Architect, Scenographer,
Exhibition Designer

Sanja Jurca Avci is an architect in love with storytelling in space. Already during her studies in her hometown Ljubljana she became involved in theatre scenography and this evolved into her creating spaces that tell or support a storyline also in museum exhibitions. Her involvement in culture and arts first brought her collaboration with Event Communications in London and then resulted in her own projects for clients like Ljubljana Castle, Slovene National Museum and Slovene Ethnographic Museum as well as for the Art International Fair and Eurasia Tunnel Museum in Istanbul. For her work in both fields she received national and international awards. Sanja taught at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and Masters Scenography Course at St Martin’s School of Art and Design (now part of The London Institute). Her knowledge of dramaturgy and passion for combining content with space mean that her involvement goes beyond designing and into curation. Sanja’s mindfulness and interest in the past and the present mean that she always brings these layers into what is planned for the future.