In The Circle we develop projects to both deepen architectural culture and to foster new artistic expressions. These projects intend to explore connections (and to build new connections) between architecture, art and other disciplines. Exhibitions, workshops, seminars and talks organized within these projects will be in tune with The Circle’s intention to become a multi-disciplinary platform.


In The Circle we develop projects to deepen and share the architectural culture and practice. In addition to organizing exhibitions that focus on architecture, our intention is to become a multi-layered platform for discussion and enrichment of the architectural culture through workshops, seminars, panels and talks.


The Circle also develops projects related to various fields of art since we consider architecture as inseparable from the other artistic disciplines. In addition to exhibitions that provide a platform for emerging artists, various workshops, seminars and talk series on contemporary art, music, literature, theatre and performing arts are organized, all in tune with The Circle’s multi-disciplinary approach and the philosophy of openness.