Ali Şimşek
04.02 – 05.03 2020
This seminar focuses on our relationship with images through the history of art, ranging from cinema to photography and contemporary art. This 5-week seminar aims to provide a comprehensive perspective on visual culture and it also invites participants to produce projects and critical texts.

How do we not see? How do the white and smooth organize recreates the power mechanisms? Does the images think? What does black and white vision mean? What is the aesthetics of the sublime? Can a class history of visuality be made from the ideological representations of a grotesque and gothic space, from photography and cinema to the liquid images of today? Is plastic a democratic material? What is the aesthetics of Kitsch and Camp? Impressionism, the problematic structure of images from Dada and Surrealism to contemporary conceptual art. From Haiku and minimalism to cool photos: Cold Vision. Will postmodernism change? Or will the images and irony…

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1. Week
What is an image, symbol and sign?
Metonym and metaphor
What is dialectical image?
Visual culture and ideology
Visual positioning (subject practices)
What is visual thinking?

2. Week
How do we read the visual?
Basic forms: classical, gothic, baroque and rococo
Romanticism and the images of wreckage
The visual between beautiful and sublime

3. Week
Modernism and the invention of the frame
Blurred image and the fluid frame
Photographic image
Cinematographic image
The phenomenology of collage
Why don’t we see black & white?

4. Week
Revolution in images
Class and images
The gaze of the poor?
The aesthetics of poverty
What is an avant-garde image?
Photography and modernism
Zen, haiku and photography: the aesthetics of silence

5. Week
Post-Expressionism: Pop-Image
Postmodern Image
Simulation and Liquid Gaze
Photography after 90’s.
What is conceptual art?
The limits of the plastic thinking