Ferhat Hacıalibeyoğlu (İkiartıbir Architect, Founder)

He was born in 1979 in Sivas. After completing his primary and secondary education there, 2002 he graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, the Department of Architecture.
In 2005 he took his MA degree with a thesis titled “Mobility in Architecture; Container as an Architectural Product” and in 2013 he took his PhD degree with a thesis titled “A Model Proposal on User Participation in Architectural Design Process.” In 2002, he started to work in the Faculty of Architecture, Dokuz Eylül University and he still works there as an Ass. Prof. In addition to his academic studies, he founded İkartıbir Architecture Office in 2006 together with Orhan Ersan and Deniz Dokgöz. With his work in İkartıbir he won 32 awards in national architectural project competitions. He acted as a jury member in many architectural competitions, made several academic speeches and published many articles on the practice of competitions.

Mezitli Municipal Building

Client Mezitli Municipality
Project Type Municipal Building
Date Completed 2018
Collaborators Orhan Ersan, Deniz Dokgöz
Design Company IKIARTIBIR Architects
Photographer Egemen Karakaya

Structure; depending on climatic data, it provides indoor and outdoor continuity with open, semi-open and closed spaces and creates horizontal and vertical spaces and usage areas. Features such as shading of the main circulation line and access to terraces from this area ensure that climate-friendly living spaces can be formed in the structure of municipal building. In addition, vertical elements that increase the shade ratio and replicate along the facade create the character and image of the structure.

Design Corridors “The Caterpillar”

Client Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
Project Type Urban Furniture, Exhibition Units
Date Completed 2019
Collaborators Orhan Ersan, Deniz Dokgöz
Design Company IKIARTIBIR Architects
Awards Design Corridors National Idea Competition – Equivalent Prize
Photographer Gülcan Afacan

TIRTIL/The Caterpillar is a design proposition that can be adapted to many different places, allows user interventions, and accommodates different experiences with its spatial and mass variations. TIRTIL with its simple and applicable structure that can easily adapt to its environment; It is a candidate for being a symbolic and distinctive design object for Izmir. TIRTIL, which enables the activities such as exhibition, performance and relaxation can be defined as an open design space that creates an effect on its environment through its size and surfaces it creates in the area where it is located.