Cihan Sevindik (OfficePan, Founder)

He was born in 1986 in Istanbul. In 2010, he completed his undergraduate education at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Architecture. He won several awards in many national and international architectural project competitions. He has been working at 0fficePAN since 2012. Since 2013, he has been working as a studio director and as a jury in architecture departments of different universities. He is the recipient of many architectural awards such as Turgut Cansever International Architecture Awards (2019, Special Award), Ahlat Youth Camp National Architectural Project Competition (2017, 1st Prize), Kırşehir Planetarium and Kültürpark Architectural Project Competition (2016, 1st Prize).

Ahlat Youth Camp

Client Governorship of Bitlis
Project Type Dormitory, Culture
Date Completed 2017
Collaborators Cihan Sevindik
Design Company OfficePan
Awards Ahlat Youth Camp National Architectural Project Competition – 1st Prize

Instead of an architectural attitude spread over the whole area with the references of the existing building configurations, the place’s feel has led to the adoption of an architectural approach that is more compact and interprets the whole area as a public park.

In addition, it is planned that this single structure will be located in the north-south direction in such a way that the visual relationship between the surrounding urban fabric and Lake Van is minimal.

When the production culture tradition carried by Seljuks from Central Asia to Ahlat is examined, it is seen that the tent, which is the basic construction form of nomadic societies, forms the basis of the building habits. It can be said that the tents typology of the artifacts emerged with the metamorphosis of the tent and the materials of the region. At this point, the re-interpretation of the tent image with historical references shaped the structure of Ahlat Youth Camp. The idea of building a single tent under which users come together with different functions constitutes the intellectual infrastructure that directs the architectural formation.

Turkan Soray Culture Center

Client Antalya Muratpasa Municipality
Project Type Cultural Center
Date Completed 2018
Collaborators Cihan Sevindik, Doğan Türkkan, Tuna Han Koç, Zeynep Canan Aksu
Design Company OfficePan, NodeArchitect, RasaStudio
Awards Antalya Muratpasa Municipality Multipurpose Cultural Center Competition – 1st Prize
Antalya Kepez Municipality Turgut Cansever International Architectural Awards – Special Award
Photographer Yercekim Photography

Antalya Province, where the Mediterranean Climate makes itself felt much and the climatic conditions affect the user ergonomics; shaded areas are preferred and socialization takes place at times when daylight loses its effect. At the same time, the fact that the competition area is spacious and filled with landscaping elements (trees) giving opportunity to shade is a clear indication that public use will constitute a focal point in this area due to both its structural function and its user comfort requirements.