Busra Al (Plug, Founder)

In 2008, she graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture. She continued her education at Bilgi University, Architectural Design Master Program between 2008-2010. After completing her master’s degree in 2010, she worked at AVCI ARCHITECTS. In 2014, she founded PLUGOFIS.

During her university years, she received many awards in various student competitions, including S.O.S – Akm, Archprix Turkey. Since 2014 she received many professional awards, including Gaziemir Aktepe Emrez Urban Transformation Area Competition (Equivalent Award), Adana Sucuzade City Square Architect Project Competition (1st Prize), Antalya Muratpaşa Multi-Purpose Show Center Competition (2nd Prize), DEGİAD – Living Pamukkale National Architectural Idea Project Competition (3rd Prize), Uzundere Cemevi Sociocultural Center Contest (Honorable Mention) and Erbaa Çamlık Social Center Contest (Honorable Mention). She continues to work in PLUGOFIS. At the same time, she works as a studio director at Kadir Has University.

Adana Seyhan Sucuzade Super Cluster and Urban Square

Client  Adana Seyhan Municipality
Project Type Urban Design
Date Completed Under Construction
Collaborators Bihter Öztürk, Ozan Çelik, Turan Altıntaş, Merve Siper, Burcu Saral, Ozan Özdilek
Design Company Plug Ofis
Awards 1st Prize

Adana Seyhan Sucuzade Urban Square was acquired by a national architectural competition in 2016 and its construction started in 2017.

Opposed to the exisiting low rise conglomerate, proposal mainly rests on reducing a large footprint in the city to create more public space. 21.000 m2 public squre is produced in an 34.000 m2 urban plot which consists of exisiting clusters formed by municipal regulations.

Atacorner Lüleburgaz

Client Ata GYO
Project Type Retail
Date Completed 2019
Collaborators Ece Sıla Bora, Bihter Öztürk, Merve Siper, Nilüfer Çalışkan (NOA)
Design Company PLUG Ofis
Photographer Ömer Yavuz

Atacorner Lüleburgaz is located on the main artery from Istanbul and at the edge of an existing urban fabric. Building plot is faced both to the main artery and the urban edge has a setback distance varying between 10 and 25 meters. Although this situation seems to be an obstacle for accessing the building, but a significant urban void has been produced as a result.