Bihter Çelik (-trak, Founder)

She is an architect and a designer based in Istanbul. She holds a bachelor degree from the Architectural department of Istanbul Technical University. She is a maker, an artisan and a project coordinator. She believes in creating more on 1:1 scale production in a world where hierarchies and large-scale producers are unable to do so.

She continues her work under -trak.


Client Ministry of Transportation
Project Type Public Installation / Ephemeral Structures / Edditive Structure
Date Completed 2019
Collaborators Mutlu Güngör, Linda Büyüksimkeşyan, Sezin Karcan Kaya, Atom Okumuş, TekeOrganizasyon
Design Company -trak
Awards -trak members

GreenDome was established as a temporary structure at a busy crossroads of the city. Designed with gamification principles, the Greendome’s purpose was to convey the accumulation potential of the single-use plastics if we hadnot removed them from our daily lives.The accumulated plastic variants would bulid up in our environment if not disposed of by the same human hands that created and released them uncontrollably to the human environment.

It was completed by the urban citizens using waste material and plants that will eventually return to nature. It appeared for fourteen days.

Bomontiada: Making Place Phase 3

Client Seoul Metropolitan Government
Project Type Ephemeral Structures / Edditive Structure
Date Completed 2015
Collaborators Kıvanç Başak, Mutlu Güngör, Elif Tan, Deniz Engin, Sezin Karcan Kaya, ONSTanıtım, Işık Peyzaj
Design Company -trak
Photographer Özgür Özbingöl

Bomontiada pallete instalation, a seperator wall between a public yard and construction site, will serve three major tasks after its third updated placement. A stage, an urban garden, a technical services area.

In order to protect the users from the
surrounding winds, the pallette pattern has evolved into its third form, a modular steel scaffoldage that has the same characteristics as the yard has been integrated to the third phase of this installation.