Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu

Prof. Dr., ITÜ Faculty of Architecture

After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 1986, Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu completed his master’s and doctoral studies at the same university. He then served as a visiting researcher at the University of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati, in the United States (DAAP: College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning) He continued his professional studies along with his academic studies. He has received numerous awards in architectural and urban design competitions with various teams. Antalya Karaalioglu Park Renovation (2003), ITU Mustafa Inan Library (2007), ARI Teknokent ARI-3 Office Building (2011), Teknopark Istanbul 2nd Stage Buildings (2015) are among the projects he implemented. He won the National Architecture Award in 2012 with the Terkos Water Civilizations Museum, in which he participated in the design team, and in 2018 with the Teknopark Istanbul Management Structure. He held numerous professional and academic positions, including national and international jury memberships, scientific committee and editorial board memberships. He is currently a faculty member at ITU Faculty of Architecture. His academic interests are architectural design, architecture and urban relations, spatial perception, spatial analysis and representation. He continues his architectural projects with Nurbin Paker.