The Young Architects Selection & Exhibition (GEMSS) brings together young Turkish architects who contribute to the culture of architecture and to record and present their innovative work to a wide audience. While providing national and international visibility for young architects The Circle aims to engage these architects in its communication and collaboration platform.
Curated by Sait Ali Köknar, the multi-disciplinary selection committee of GEMSS assessed over 106 high quality applicants through a difficult process, which resulted in the selection of 14 Young Architects.
The GEMSS exhibition, bringing together the projects of 14 selected architects, has been opened on the 6th of September at The Circle. The exhibition will be supported with a programme of events including panels, talks and publications. It will remain open during the 16th Istanbul Biennale and will conclude on the 30th of November 2019.
The architects selected for GEMSS 2019 are (in alphabetical order):

• Alper Derinboğaz (Salon)
• Bihter Çelik (-trak)
• Birge Yıldırım Okta (Oktaa)
• Burak Pekoğlu (BINAA)
• Buşra Al (Plug)
• Cihan Sevindik (OfficePan)
• Evren Başbuğ (StudioEvrenBaşbug)
• Ferhat Hacıalibeyoğlu (İkiartıbir Mimarlık)
• Ilgın Avcı (CAA Studio)
• Melike Altınışık (Melike Altınışık Architects)
• Oral Göktaş (SO?)
• Ramazan Avcı (SCRA Mimarlık)
• Sevince Bayrak (SO?)
• Zuhal Kol (Openact)

Following the exhibition at The Circle, GEMSS will be shown at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) as part of the London Festival of Architecture in June 2020. In following years, GEMSS will be carried also to other international platforms.

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