In addition to the architectural and cultural-artistic projects we produce, The Circle, as an “open-space” hosts various cultural-artistic events and talks. These events ranging from theatre to literature, from cinema to music fosters The Circle’s structure as a multi-disciplinary platform.

Katia Makatow Presents NOTHINGNESS II

Katia Makatow is in İstanbul!!!
By starting up at 1, she’s still holding the title of “the youngest performance artist” in
performance art history. Since that age, she’s producing, writing, performing in different disciplines such as dance, theatre and cinema in different spaces.

The Powerful Citizen

The Powerful Citizen, an analog dinner organized as part of the Urban Explorations event series initiated by the Swedish Institute and the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul in collaboration […]

KonuŞu: From Photography to Performance

Photography, which has been used as a method of individual and social recording since the 19th century, has radically changed the relationships people have with each other and with their […]

Wood Architecture

In collaboration with The Circle, The Swedish Institute, The Swedish Consulate General in Istanbul and In-Between Design Platform, Equal Spaces / Urban Studies event series discussed the impact of the […]

Praxis Seminars “Disobedience and Letter”

Praxis Seminars / Memed Erdener “Disobedience and Letter” 31 July – 28 August Every Wednesday19:45 – 21:45 With Praxis seminars, The Circle creates a platform for creative people to share […]

Learning to See: Visual Culture

Ali Şimşek19 June – 17 July 2019 This seminar focuses on our relationship with images through the history of art, ranging from cinema to photography and contemporary art. This 5-week […]

Benden Bu Kadar

17.05. 2019 The Circle is pleased to host Burcu Halaçoğlu’s one-person play “Benden Bu Kadar.” Burcu Halaçoğlu presents the story of a woman who after an existential crisis embarks upon […]

Turkland Reading Performance

Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu – Ilgıt Uçum The Circle is pleased to host Turkland. Adapted from Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu’s autobiographical novel, Turkland tells the story of a Turkish girl struggling to balance […]

Acting Techniques from Stanislavski to Date

In cooperation with Cihangir Akademi The Circle hosted a 6-week acting workshop between 9 April-12 May 2019. Every week a different instructor presented a different acting technique and the program presented the participants with new theoretical perspectives and practical skills.

The Women in Politics from Ottoman Times to Turkish Republic

On 19 March 2019, The Circle hosted KonuŞu talk titled “The Women in Politics from Ottoman Times to Turkish Republic.”

Meeting with the Past / Rosa Erdem

The Circle is pleased to host Rosa Erdem’s autobiographical narration “Meeting with the Past.”
In her narration Rosa faces her personal story from childhood onwards.

Pera as a Sociological Case

On 13 February 2019, The Circle hosted KonuŞu talk titled “Pera as a Sociological Case.”

Turkland Reading Performance

Adapted from Dilşad Budak-Sarıoğlu’s autobiographical novel, Turkland tells the story of a Turkish girl struggling to balance her life as second-generation immigrant in Germany.

Meera Hashimoto Exhibition

The works of the Japanese painter and art therapist Meera Hashimoto were exhibited in İstanbul for the first time at The Circle between 21-23 December 2018. With her own therapy method that brought together art and meditation Meera healed many people during her forty-year-long career and helped them to discover their natural creativity.

What is Water Scarcity and How to Overcome it: The Case of Seawater Filtration in Middle East and Beyond.

Almost %90 of the water on earth was not suitable for drinking and daily use because of the extreme amount of salt until the invention of Sea Water Filtration Technology in 1970’s. This technology provides sustainable and affordable water solutions in the areas where water scarcity is a major problem.

Zen Tea Ceremony

Co-organized by The Circle and Chado, Zen-Matcha tea ceremony by Japanese tea master Shoko Higuchi provided the participants with a meditative experience.