Eda Çarmıklı

Founding Board Member

Eda explores life using positivity and a belief in humanity as her compass. After studying business (Bilkent University, Ankara) and interior design (UCLA), Eda’s career path led her through finance sector within a local bank in Turkey and her family business Nurol Holding, a major construction conglomerate in Turkey. In life she was always intrigued by the less travelled paths and exploring one’s unique voice. This passion led her to Servotel, a boutique real estate development consultancy company in which she participated as a senior consultant in various leading projects. In 2016, Eda could no longer resist her entrepreneurial instincts and found a way to focus her passion and business sensibilities as a partner in Joint Idea and co-founder of Life Works Labs. She is an avid blogger, a Yogini, and a strong advocate of love-based and human-centric initiatives that elevate our spirit and collective human consciousness.