The Circle also develops projects related to various fields of art since we consider architecture as inseparable from the other artistic disciplines. In addition to exhibitions that provide a platform for emerging artists, various workshops, seminars and talk series on contemporary art, music, literature, theatre and performing arts are organized, all in tune with The Circle’s multi-disciplinary approach and the philosophy of openness.

The Circle Discovery : Orhan Onuk

The Circle is pleased to announce the launch of “Keşif* exhibition series co-organized with Pre-.
Works of Orhan Onuk will be presented as The Circle’s first “discovery” in an exhibition focused on ‘portrait / self-portrait.’


The Circle hosted Aslı Aydemir’s solo exhibition Chinatown between 1 March and 31 March 2019. Chinatown consisted of works that moved away from the traditional uses of ceramics to try new aesthetical and cultural possibilities. The exhibition also contributed to the discussions about the new horizons of ceramics.

Sustainable Design Days

In February 2019 The Circle organized sustainable design days that focused on the notion of sustainability.

Sinem Dişli Studio Visit

As a parallel event to the exhibition “Watershed,” The Circle organized a studio visit to have a closer look into the work of artist Sinem Dişli.

How It Is to Be a Heart?

14.September – 14.October.2018 Works by Joni Zakonjšek The Circle is pleased to present Slovenian artist Joni Zakonjšek’s first solo show in İstanbul, “How It Is to Be a Heart?”  The […]