In The Circle we develop projects to deepen and share the architectural culture and practice. In addition to organizing exhibitions that focus on architecture, our intention is to become a multi-layered platform for discussion and enrichment of the architectural culture through workshops, seminars, panels and talks.

Young Architects Selection & Exhibition RIBA

Preparations have started for the second stage of GEMSS, the RIBA exhibition.

Exhibition Dynamics

In the second event of the series, the Exhibition Dynamics focuses on the exhibition “Hollows and Mounds: A Take on Göbekli Tepe” which is still on view at the Ara Güler Museum and Leica Gallery.

The body-space nexus

The body-space nexus: how our intra and interpersonal selves engage with space.

Three Generations in Architecture

GEMSS continues to contribute to the architectural culture through panels and discussions. The second panel organized within GEMSS brings together architects from three different generations.

Side Panel: Being a Young Architect – GEMSS Panel 01

The panel will be moderated by Sait Ali Köknar with the participation of Hasan Sıtkı Gümüşsoy, İpek Baycan, Salih Küçüktuna. It will take place at The Circle on 09.10.2019 at 19:00 o’clock.⠀

Young Architects Selection & Exhibition

Exhibition is open to public from the 6th of September till 30th of November and will be open during the 16th Istanbul Biennale and will be supported with events including panels, talks and publications. GEMSS will be shown at the RIBA as part of the London Festival of Architecture in June 2020.

Young Architects Selection & Exhibition

The Circle invites creative young architects of Turkey to take part in Young Architects Selection & Exhibition. GEMSS is open to all architects under 40. The deadline is 16 July.


This symposium, organized as a parallel event to the exhibition “Watershed” that took place in The Circle between 1 November – 31 November 2018 aimed to raise awareness about the water problems and attempted to present ecological solutions. The participants discussed the water problems and possible solutions from a variety of perspectives.


Between October 1st and 30th 2018, The Circle hosted David Turnbull’s exhibition “Watershed” that included models, prototypes, drawings, diagrams, photographs and videos drawn from a decade of work by PITCHAfrica, designing and building high-yield rainwater harvesting structures in East and West Africa.